About CD

I’ve started capturing learnings from my experiences as the next generations of family and friends in earlier stages of their careers asked what I learned on my journey.
In 35+ years in software engineering (28 managing), coaching and teaching, I’ve had the luck, benefit and honor of working alongside some of the most incredibly brilliant, inspired, competitive, collaborative and productive people in small and large companies in two cultures (experiencing rapid growth before, during and after 3 acquisitions, 2 IPOs, and coaching and competing in national and world championships). Whether leading teams of engineers, managers, players on the field or classrooms of students – mentoring, teaching and coaching have always been an aspect of those responsibilities I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Kleen RiteKleen-Rite, Corp – First paycheck was as a janitor cleaning floors in federal buildings First “promotion”  when boss discovered I knew how to fix cleaning machines.

Kasemir Construction – Built a house from the ground up doing carpentry, masonry, flooring, roofing, plumbing, electrical work, etc.

Darden Business School (U.Va.) Executive EducationDarden Business School (U.Va.) Executive Program
 – waiter and bartender to pay for school. Got to meet lots of interesting execs.

Atmosphere Sciences Research Center– Acid Rain Data Analyst – Results published in Scientific American

Ultimate Frisbee – Player / Captain / Coach of National Champion Teams


Softlab, GmbH – Lead engineer, architect and consultant for Germany’s 2nd fastest growing independent software house at the time – acquired by BMW

Cooperative Solutions, Inc. – At its time, the most heavily funded ($29M) start-up company ever – acquired by Bachman, Inc


Informix, Inc. – One of the big database players in its day – acquired by IBM


BroadVision, Inc. – VPE at 2nd fastest growing company on Nasdaq in the dot com days – joined pre-IPO


San Mateo/Santa Clara Public/Private Schools– Taught all subjects in K-8,  learned about growth mindsets, knowledge acquisition, etc

Intuit, Inc.– Spear-headed disruptive internal SAAS startup and learned about small businesses

Yahoo, Inc.– Ran Yahoo!Games Engineering as the biggest social gaming site of the time


IMVU, Inc.– Improved agile and continuous deployment at the company behind the book “The Lean Startup” and the world’s largest virtual goods catalog.

Twitch, Interactive, Inc. VPE at Rapid growth/paradigm shift in video streaming – “unicorn” acquisition by Amazon for ~$1B

Pure Storage, Inc. The fastest growing infrastructure company to date – joined pre “unicorn” IPO